Gujarati Paheli With Answer

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Gujarati Paheli With Answer




  1. Peach=8, Watermelon=12, Banana=5

  1. Planet=7, Helmet=4, Rocket=11


  1. Yellow Pot=17, Orange Pot=0, Purple Pot=17

  1. Burger=25, Ketchup=8, French Fries=25

  1. Playstation Controller=6, Gameboy=3, Switch Controller=18

  1. Husky=10, Terrier=17, Poodle=10

  1. Cake=5, Cookie=40, Cupcake=6

  1. Bonus: Van=12, Dove=0, Heart=6

1=(2.5)+ 2=(6.5)=9 3=(9.5)+ 4=(4.5)=14

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